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Re: [K12OSN] Guidance on troubleshooting - new RHEL6 + LTSP won't PXE

On 11/23/2011 11:11 AM, Shawn Wells wrote:

I'm hoping someone can set me in the right direction to troubleshoot a
problem I'm encountering. Ultimately PXE booting doesn't seem to be
working for me.

I loaded two VMs with RHEL6.1

Hi Shawn,

Your attempt is complicated substantially by running the LTSP server within a VM.

* The interface that you attach to ltspbr0 in the server VM needs to be a secondary virtual eth device, not the primary that the VM uses to reach the Internet. * Then on the VM host, that secondary virtual eth device needs to attach to an entirely separate bridge that probably doesn't already exist on your system. This new bridge that you must create must not have any IP address. It exists only for VM's to connect to each other.
* Then the PXE client VM must connect to that new bridge.

If you set this up properly, then server VM's ltspbr0 connects to the virt host bridge, and the PXE client VM can also connected to that same bridge should be able to DHCP and PXE boot.


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