[K12OSN] Change plymouth theme on client?

Jeff Siddall news at siddall.name
Fri Nov 25 03:07:02 UTC 2011

I created a new plymouth theme that I want to use on my SL6.1 thin 
clients.  In the chroot I ran plymouth-set-default-theme and it reports 
that the new theme is the default.  However, when the client boots it 
still shows the standard SL6 two-step theme.  Interestingly, if I give 
it the three finger salute from a text console while with the LDM login 
screen up it _does_ show my new theme while restarting so it seems the 
theme itself is OK.

I am guessing the bootup plymouth stuff is loaded in the initramfs.  I 
tried running dracut inside the chroot but it bombed with an error about 
not finding /lib/modules/2.6.32-131.12.1.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting the bootup 
plymouth to use the new theme also?



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