[K12OSN] Success with running LTSP from Fedora 15

Kent Schumacher kent at structural-wood.com
Mon Oct 17 17:02:45 UTC 2011

I just successfully booted both an Atom based Shuttle XS35 and and an 
old Diskless Workstations LTSP-150 from a Fedora 15 installation.

On first login I received a complaint that Gnome 3 wasn't able to run, 
but when that was dismissed I was left with a reasonably functional desktop.

I've tried running Firefox 7.01 and LibreOffice 3.3.3 and they both work 
well.  Firefox 7 is noticeably faster than the Firefox 3 I was running 
from Fedora 11 on the same hardware.

The highlights of how to do it are:

1) Modify /etc/sysconfig/ltspdist to allow install on F15
2) ltsp-build-client --release 14
3) ltsp-build-client --release 11 --chroot ltsp-f11

It would be good if I didn't need to modify ltspdist.  I'll write up 
complete instructions if anyone is interested.

I'm very happy to be able to be running Fedora 15.  It's nice to have 
the latest Firefox and LibreOffice.

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