[K12OSN] Frustration with RHEL6.1

Gavin Spurgeon gspurgeon at dageek.co.uk
Sun Sep 4 22:50:57 UTC 2011

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On 04/09/2011 23:31, Brian Fristensky wrote:
> I will make one other observation, which is the very first thing I did
> after a clean
> install was to run 'yum update'.
> Normally, that results in about an hour or so of downloads and installs
> by yum.
> This time, after looking at the Red Hat repo, said that the system was
> up to date.
> That does sound a bit fishy, since this was an install using the RHEL
> 6.1 DVD
> image.
> Has anybody else actually worked with RHEL 6.1 ?

Brian, I work for Red Hat.

To me, everything you have said so far, points to the fact that you have
not registered the system. So you do not have access to any of the repo's.

Can you confirm that you have registered the server to RHN ?
Do you have a Legitimate Subscription for using RHEL6 (Even an RHN
Evaluation Subscription) ?

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