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Re: [K12OSN] depmod in chroot?

On 09/08/2011 09:58 AM, Jeff Siddall wrote:
I have an x86_64 server with i686 clients. I run the chroot inside
linux32 which does the trick for most things architecture related.

However, I tried compiling and installing a chroot kernel module and had
problems. Looks like autoconfig uses `uname -r` in a number of places
and and of course that is the one place that still references x86_64. I
was able to manually hack the Makefile and got the module compiled.
However, the install process runs depmod -a and it is still looking for
an x86_64 folder which of course does not exist.

Any ideas how to get an i686 chroot kernel module installed on an x86_64

Do this as root:
cd /opt/ltsp/i386
setarch i386 chroot .
uname -a

That should now say i686 rather than x86_64.
Next you'll need to:
mount /proc

Then you can yum install whatever you want. Be sure to umount /proc before exiting the chroot shell:

umount /proc

If yum doesn't work, try copying /etc/resolv.conf to /opt/ltsp/i386/etc before the setarch step.

This page:
shows an example of using setarch, but it leaves off the ever-important /etc/resolv.conf and more importantly, the mount /proc steps.

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