[K12OSN] Poor performance woes

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Wed Sep 21 01:34:56 UTC 2011

I just keep thinking that no system can really be all things to all 
people, no matter how good it is.  Like that office mentioned that has a 
few Windows machines.  Could you scare up the resources to put another 
NIC in the server and have a few "higher-powered" thin clients that have 
more ram, dedicated Gig-E to the new NIC on the server and better video 
cards, for the kids whose parents are on the school board?  I'm serious, 
aside from that last bit of snarkiness, sometimes you just need a better 
workstation, even if 99% of the time you don't.  Maybe run a few, 
selected local apps on those.


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