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Re: [K12OSN] Poor performance woes

I have a vague recollection of firefox using more client ram than it should have a few years back that cause me grief.
Definitely give Chrome a shot and see if performance gets better.

Jeff Siddall wrote:
On 09/20/2011 03:18 PM, Jomegat wrote:
When he loads the web page - with no flash in it that I can find - the
network maxes out at 12MiB/sec, and it takes an eternity for the page to
load. He reports that sometimes this particular page will cause the TC
to crash (black screen with text followed by login screen), but he was
not able to reproduce that while I was there. I suspect there is some
user error involved in the crash scenario, but it will be difficult to

Unfortunately there are some cases where LTSP just doesn't work well. Sounds like you hit one of those where javascript is doing something silly with the display and sending raw display updates across the LAN is killing things.

You can probably get around the problem of that one page by running the browser as a localapp, but of course then there is no flash for that user.

That being said, there are a few things you can do:

1. Try a different browser (ex: chrome). It may work better and it would allow you to run a dual browser (ex: firefox as a localapp and chrome as a native). If the users will put up with it tell them to run flash sites in Chrome and all others in Firefox. Ugly for sure but may work for the few exception cases you are running into.

2. Fire up one of those clients as a Windoze machine and load a flash page to show that Windows on your clients is a non-option.

3. Try installing more RAM in one client and see if it works any better on the problem page. That should confirm/deny the running out of RAM question. Also, that will allow you to try installing flash in the chroot and see if the performance is acceptable. Maybe you can add some RAM to your clients and successfully run them all with localapp browsers.

4. If they are going to upgrade the PCs anyway, try to convince them to order them diskless initially and run either LTSP with localapps or something like DRBL. If nothing else they save admin time/effort vs. any Windows option plus the cost of all the hard drives and Windoze licenses in the clients. They can still add drives and Windoze after if it doesn't work.

Good luck!


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