[K12OSN] Welcome! And few questions :)

Marcin Wilk marcin at marcinwilk.eu
Fri Dec 7 11:11:22 UTC 2012

I would like to welcome everyone, it is my first message here:) Hi! :)
My name is Marcin and i'm from Poland.
First i must say that K12 EL6 is a great project, especially that is use
Scientific Linux, i think best EL6 distro.
I still have some questions, that maybe someone will be able to answer me:
1. Epoptes - did someone try it or use it with k12 (admin panel and
client app)? any problems?
2. I found info that there will be DVD release - will be there
instruction how to make own DVD (for example with my language as
default, and some additional software installed by default like epoptes,
dansguardian, squid)?
3. Is there fat clients support? I saw on the video that some software
can be prepared to run like that, is it possible to make it run all apps
like that?
Thanks for any respond :)

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