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Re: [K12OSN] CentOS or Scientific Linux?

A lot of us don't do Facebook, for a lot of reasons. But to answer your question about K12Linux, I'd suggest CentOS 6.2. Looks like they just needed to figure out RH's changes for v6, and that they've now done that.

Just as a test, one time I took a RHEL 5 box running NMIS and pointed it at the CentOS repositories (the subscription had ended a year ago, the box was non-production, so no real risk there). The OS not only updated properly, but it looked just like CentOS 5 afterwards. Continued to run beautifully. Just one indication of how exact CentOS is with keeping with RHEL, and I like that.


Warren Togami Jr. wrote:
Hey folks,

Currently K12Linux is based on SL6.1 because CentOS has been very bad at keeping up with updates in the past year. But then recently CentOS surprised everyone by releasing 6.2 very rapidly after RHEL 6.2. SL 6.2 is slightly behind. You folks think we should we keep K12Linux with SL, or move to CentOS 6.2?

BTW, I really hope people can move discussion to the K12Linux Facebook group. I can more easily read and respond to stuff there than this mailing list.


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