[K12OSN] ldm login and password that starts with '@'

Norman Gaywood ngaywood at une.edu.au
Thu Mar 1 02:19:46 UTC 2012

Just found an interesting bug in ldm. If you type @ as the first
character of the password, the enter key does not work.

The password of @guest@ or @backend@ will allow the enter key to work
again but the login screen will just go back to the user prompt.

This of course will stop people having @ as the first character of their

Here is the code from ldmgreetercomm.c that I think is going wrong:

int listen_greeter(gchar **buffer, gsize *buflen, gsize *end) {
    while (1) {
        /* Reads data from I/O channel of the greeter */
        GError *ge = NULL;
        if(g_io_channel_read_line(greeterr, buffer, buflen, end, &ge) != G_IO_STATUS_NORMAL) {
            log_entry("ldm",3,"%s", ge->message);
            return 1;

        log_entry("ldm",7,"Got command: %s",*buffer);

        /* handle callbacks */
        if (**buffer == '@') {
            if (!g_strncasecmp(*buffer, "@backend@", 9)) {
            } else if (!g_strncasecmp(*buffer, "@guest@", 7)) {
    return 0;

I think that continue should not be there.

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