[K12OSN] lts.conf File edit debacle

Jan Middelkoop jan at recreatie-zorg.nl
Thu Mar 8 13:02:01 UTC 2012


If you really want to help someone in the future, please file a bug 
about this with the LTSP developers.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ltsp/

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Op 08-03-12 13:51, Barry Cisna schreef:
> Hello All,
> Just for completeness to the initial post here.
> The problem that caused the lts.conf file editing to make the TC's
> unbootbale was in fact as Joseph had mentioned.
> All that was needed was to add an additional line break, AKA: ENTER
> after the last entry in the lts.conf file.
> Once the line break was done,regardless of editor, the file become
> 'good' and the TC's boot as expected.
> Bottom line when editing the lts.conf file,scroll to the very bottom of
> the file and hit ENTER at least once.
> Hope this may help someone in the future
> Barry
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