[K12OSN] file attributes

Jan Middelkoop jan at recreatie-zorg.nl
Tue Mar 20 08:25:41 UTC 2012

Everybody loves a good mystery. :-)

Is there anything in /var/log/messages, or in dmesg when you try to 
delete these files?

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Op 20-03-12 00:29, Barry R Cisna schreef:
> Hello,
> thanks for the additional suggestions.
> Yes. I have run rkhunter,,and rkhunter does in fact show that this
> machine has hanged with shv4.
> Also i did boot up one more time with the deft live cd to double check
> the lsattr of each of the two directories,,and neither dir shows the
> immutable bit is set on the dir,,or any of the files that will not
> delete?
> Also for completeness I did not mention previously I did copy known good
> binaries from a good server to replace the (about a dozen binaries) that
> was replaced by shv4 kit. I could tell fairly easily as the replaced
> binaries had a user of 114 and group of 112.
> The machine does not really show any odd processes,,or netstat stuff
> running,,,but Id simply like to figure out why these files will not
> delete.
> Thanks again,
> Barry
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