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Re: [K12OSN] lts.conf File edit debacle

That sounds like a line-ending problem to me. If you want to find out if that's it, open it with vi, and then type ":ff=dos<enter>" and then save the file. That will save the file with <cr><lf> line endings instead of the more compact unix-ish <lf>.. Not all programs can parse alternate line endings properly (parsing text is /hard/).

To change the <cr><lf>'s back to just <lf>'s again, open it with vi and type :ff=unix then save.

If you ever open a file in vi and a lot of ^M's show up, that means it has mixed line endings.

On 03/02/2012 04:12 PM, Barry R Cisna wrote:
Hello All,

Just wanted to share,this hoping it may help someone down the road.
A couple days ago,,on a fairly new install of CentOS 6.x / SL6.1 ltsp5,
I was adding three usb printers for three TC's.

Later that afternoon all TC's  on this server would fail on boot,,at
"dracut: starting plymouth daemon". I had also updated several packages
on the server itself as well. I didn't know if possibly a server package
had caused something to change in a conf file for whatever reason?

After many attempts to pinpoint the problem, I reinstalled ltsp-server.
Of course this ploped a new lts.conf file into place. Now the TC's once
again bootup as expected. In hindsight I should have known the prob was
in fact the lts.conf file.

I had edited the file in Webmin editor. I was able to reproduce the
problem again be editing the lts.conf file in the same manner(after
saving a backup).The file itself appears to be correct in the format. If
I done a side by side file compare with meld,using webmin on one,and vi
on the second they compare identical,although the webmin edited file
kills the TC's booting.

All i can figure is a white space is placed in the file,,maybe?
Ownership,and perms looks identical.
From now on I will take the extra time to edit with vi.

Take Care,

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