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Re: [K12OSN] lts.conf File edit debacle


If you really want to help someone in the future, please file a bug about this with the LTSP developers. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ltsp/

Kindest regards,

Jan Middelkoop
Recreatie en Zorg Groep B.V.

Website: http://www.recreatie-zorg.nl/
E-mail: jan recreatie-zorg nl
Telefoon: +31 10 714 22 97

Op 08-03-12 13:51, Barry Cisna schreef:
Hello All,

Just for completeness to the initial post here.
The problem that caused the lts.conf file editing to make the TC's
unbootbale was in fact as Joseph had mentioned.

All that was needed was to add an additional line break, AKA: ENTER
after the last entry in the lts.conf file.
Once the line break was done,regardless of editor, the file become
'good' and the TC's boot as expected.

Bottom line when editing the lts.conf file,scroll to the very bottom of
the file and hit ENTER at least once.

Hope this may help someone in the future


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