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Re: [K12OSN] Silverlight?

Whenever you get one of these kind of requests, respond enthusiastically with a "Yes, I'll look into that", so people know you're on their side. In this case, scope out the price of putting up a Windows terminal server (LTSP can do RDP), multiply that times however many servers you'll need (last I checked, WTS could only handle about 10 simultaneous sessions), plus the cost of the CAL licenses. It will quickly add up. Then you can say to the powers-that-be, "Yes, we could do that, but we'll have to cut a teacher or a few aides to pay for it, because proprietary software is always going to be expensive, sooner or later. Remember, MS is a *business* which means they are first & foremost interested in making money and that money comes from you. Linux & FOSS are about enabling people to do things; money usually isn't the concern." Then, if you've found an alternative that works on Linux, you can say so, and hopefully they'll be more receptive.


Jomegat wrote:
On 03/16/2012 02:49 PM, Bill Fitzgerald wrote:
RE: "I'm sure she will continue to find applications out there that
require Shockwave, Silverlight, Windows, and who knows what else.  I try
to find replacements when I say no, but those are never as satisfying
(to her) as saying yes."

 From this description, and other pieces in the thread, this sounds less
like a technical issue and more like a personality issue. In other
words, this "problem" isn't technical in origin, and will continue to
crop up regardless of whether you install silverlight or not.

It's both.

I took Tom Hoffman's advice and installed it on my linux desktop, and tried the app she wanted to run. All it does is warn that this is SilverLight 4, and not all features will work. Even if it did work on my desktop, that is no guarantee that it would work with LTSP.

So I am investigating alternatives.  They abound.

Good luck with this.



On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 9:49 AM, Jim Kinney <jim kinney gmail com
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    Help the teacher find a better source of downloadable movies.

    On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 11:22 AM, Jomegat <jomegat jomegat com
    <mailto:jomegat jomegat com>> wrote:

        Hi all,

        Our teacher has requested that I install SilverLight on the K12
        server.  I assume I'd have to use Mono's version instead, but
        before I even start down that path... should I?

        How does it perform on an LTSP system?  I'm running the EL6
        version on an x86_64 server.  Flash sometimes weighs down the
        network, as I have only 100Mbit links between the clients and
        the switch (but the server uses a gigE link).

        So should I bite the bullet or run away screaming?

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