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[K12OSN] traffic shaping - QoS

Hello All,

Note: This is for sure not k12ltsp/k12linux specific, but thought
someone might get some good from this.

I just wanted to share with whoever here a neat find for doing traffic
shaping with the built-in tc_htb in the Linux kernel. 
On the new home server , CentOS 6.3 32-bit / k12ltsp 5.0  I built
recently I was really struggling with getting the asterisk,piece along
with  a Vonage phone that I have had for 6 years now,,to function
correctly, without cutouts,etc. 
Of course voip is about as touchy/moody as you can get in regards to
packet passing etc.

There is such a miriad of approaches to doing traffic shaping/ QoS with
the tc_htb piece and it seemed each writeup/documentation  defied the
next one I read.

I wound up diving into the following approach and for the last 4 days
both my asterisk phone(s) and my Vonage phone are rock solid.

Once I done many reads on this i finally was able to get my head around
how this all ties together.
The key for me was to use the webmin-htb module which is a module that
goes into Webmin. 
Without having a good graphical 'look' at all this I prolly would have
thrown in the towel.
Here is the link for anyone interested.


Take Care,

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