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Re: [K12OSN] Google Chrome on TC's

Hello Burke,

Thank you for the suggestion to block flash on a per seat basis.
I will give this a try.

This happens on any one client using Google Chrome in that anything in
flash with sound the video runs fine but the sound cuts in/out
repeatedly. Youtube is an example of this behaviour.
I am going to try and set up Chrome to run as a local app and see if the
problem is lessened or worsened.

This server I built is pretty marginal / CPU for home use and is an AMD
processor and from doing some Googling there seems to be somewhat of an
pattern with flash being problematic with AMD processor driven machines?

For some reason running Firefox as an local app on the TC's is crashing
frequently,,,again it seems when opening just a couple flash sites to
thrash Firefox even a little.

>From what I have been able to read up on,Chrome ha s a native flash
built in but you can override this by disabling it and enabling the
system flash-plugin (which does show up in the Chrome plug-ins).


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