[K12OSN] HP T5520 client

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Tue Oct 30 16:18:43 UTC 2012

Did you try enabling nbd swap to see if that helped? I agree that 128 is
pretty slim especially as cheap as ram has become in the last few
years . It was pretty slim even back with ltsp 4.

Writing that made me think, too, if anyone has tried putting the swap on
a ram disk or sees any effect after switching to ssd from hard drive?


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> Hello All,
> Just for completeness I wanted to post a final report on the HP T5530
> TC.
> I did get the bios flashed to version 1.03.
> This did not help the situation of the TC ineveatably locking up or more
> commonly the xserver restating and sending the TC back to the login
> screen.
> The TC does work fine and is very snappy on all websites and does in
> fact run Youtubes fine.Once you hit an flash site or such as Facebook
> the mouse gets very 'springy' and short hangs then recovers usually, and
> will eventually xserver restart.
> Long story short,,I had seen mixed specs and thought this TC did have
> laptop ram slot in it,It does have soldered on ram.
> 128 MB simply isn't enough for the running kernels these days in my
> opinion.
> Hope this may help someone in a decision of trying to use the HP T5530
> as an TC for ltsp 5.x.
> Barry

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