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Re: [K12OSN] HP T5520 client

Flash, eh? I imagine this is in Firefox. As I recall, later versions of Firefox, from 3.0 on, talked to the X server such that they caused the X server to hold onto DRAM. In some cases, even 256MB wasn't quite enough. This is going back a few years, in the LTSP 4.2 days. Konqueror didn't seem to have that memory-hogging effect in X, but Firefox does.

Any chance of giving this a shot in, say, Konqueror and seeing if it still happens?


On 10/25/2012 10:00 AM, Barry Cisna wrote:
Hello All,

LTSP 5.x

Just bought an HP T5520 to use as an thin client. On most any flash
heavy site the TC really hangs and lags and fairly commonly will end up
locking up. As long as it doesn't hit a flash site the performance is
Sometimes if it doesn't hard lock the Xserver restarts and the TC ends
up back at the login screen were you are unable to use the
keyboard/mouse. The TC has to be rebooted.
I can not see any failures in the X logs or system logs.

I have tried adding XSERVER= vesa # didn't make any difference.
Tried XSERVER= via and the TC hangs at about before the login screen and
stalls indefinitly.

I did read a fairly old post were this TC would hang at boot due to the
VIA Rhine integrated nic using ltsp 4.x ( I think?).
Maybe this is a partial problem also?

Anyone found a tweak for this unit?
It is of course the VIA , C7? mobo?

Thank You,

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