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Re: [K12OSN] jetpipe

The parallel printers are not working, no matter what we do with jetpipe. The usb printers seem just fine. I'll know tomorrow if the usb to parallel converters are athe simple workaround.

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Tue, 18 Sep 2012 8:45:33 -0700
[K12OSN] jetpipe

I'm using Centos 6.3 with the k12linux project. Most things seem to be working ok except for printing. I know there's 2 versions of jetpipe for printers on thin clients. I think the one that comes with k12linux is the old one. I tried the newer one from ubuntu, but that doesnt seem to work either. I dont think the script is being called, but not sure.

Also the jetpipe script that came with the k12linux repo required the python daemon lib which wasn't in the chroot. I added that but still didnt work. The newer script didnt require it.

Anyone have Centos6/RHEL6/SL6 + LTSP with printers working?



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