[K12OSN] Window managers keep crashing?

Jeff Siddall news at siddall.name
Thu Aug 15 00:59:24 UTC 2013

Some months ago something got automatically updated on my SL6 LTSP 
server that began causing kwin to crash as soon as it started.  It 
simply will not stay running even when started manually.

The KDE developers, being pessimistic enough to predict this might 
happen, coded a dialog on initial login stating kwin has crashed a few 
times and offers to start metacity instead.  OK, not great but functional.

More recently metacity has also begun crashing after running for a 
while.  The "while" had been days to weeks but today I had a few clients 
that logged in in the morning, started metacity, and by afternoon 
metacity had stopped too, leaving no window manager.  It's near 
impossible to use a GUI desktop without a window manager so the users 
are understandably unhappy about this.

Anyone know what has changed recently that would cause the window 
managers to become so flaky?  I confirmed that my system is up to date 
with all the standard repositories.



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