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Re: [K12OSN] Window managers keep crashing?

On 08/15/2013 08:53 AM, Barry Cisna wrote:

Are you using KDE as default desktop?


Have you tried changing to Gnome to see if you get same results?

No, not recently. Last time I tried it it worked fine, but I did not run it for any length of time so I can't be sure metacity was stable. If I had to guess I would think metacity would be more stable in gnome than KDE but there is no particular reason it should be.

We have 5 SL6/LTSP servers of various update scenarios,,,,and no window
manager crashing.

This is a standard 32-bit spin of SL6?

No, X86_64 server with 32 bit clients. I tried reverting the client image to an old version and the behavior didn't change -- which makes sense since the window manager runs on the server.

Are the servers you are running also 32 bit?

Also, somewhat related, is it possible to run the window manager on the client? I have never really understood how X ties together the various things running on the server and the client.


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