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[K12OSN] Wifi AP on the cheap

Hello All,

Not really K12Linux specific,but thought possibly someone here may be
interested in a wifi AP on the cheap to add to their existing K12Linux
server to make it even more functional.

You can buy one of the N150 mini-usb dongles on Ebay for $7 USD
This is the Ralink RT5370 chipset. This can be made to run in master
mode (AP) with the use of the hostapd piece. Very few usb sticks will
actually work in AP I have found. One caveat is the driver/firmware for
this that will run AP mode will only work at 54mb speed.

It took some wrangling to get this to work but have used it for two
weeks now and is rock solid.
I have my home server in my basement and get a good to fair signal on
the main floor and is very adequate.Smartphone, laptop, usually shows
connected at 54mb.

If anyone is interested I would be glad build an rpm for both 32-bit and
64-bit CentOS 6, SL6, that would plop the driver(s)/firmware , hostapd,
configs, pieces all in one rpm as binaries for convenience.

Take Care,

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