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Re: [K12OSN] Trouble with PXE Boot; Fedora 17

Thank you Gianluca,

The prompt indeed wanted a "linux" input at the boot prompt. However, it went to the next line and searched for "kernel vmlinuz.ltsp" and couldn't find such a file. I actually did a global search for vmlinuz.ltsp and didn't find it in my system either. So, something is definitely wrong in the fedora installation package. This package was installed directly from the fedora 17 repository, so I would have expected it should be self contained, unless the step that involves ltsp-server-tweaks (which I didn't perform because that file is also missing) is a prerequisite.

If anyone can provide a copy of their ltsp-server-tweaks script for centos I'd appreciate it. Perhaps I can use that as a template for fedora


On Jan 24, 2013, at 11:50 PM, Gianluca Cecchi wrote:

For the last point you defined a label named "linux" but no default one, so I think you have to type
At "boot:" prompt and enter
And see if it boots or gives any error

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