[K12OSN] I can't log in into LDM | SL 6.1 thin client image

Radek Bursztynowski radek at bursztynowski.waw.pl
Fri Jul 12 12:14:24 UTC 2013


It could be that I don't understand you exactly, so let me present my steps:

1. I log into my server as a root and I deleted all files from /tmp directory.
2. I rebooted my thin client. 
3. I switched SCREEN on my thin client to xtermm.
4. Then: ssh -X user at my_server
5. I logged into my server (I accepted certificate). Next I exited.
6. From my thin client (still xterm SCREEN)I made:
     # su -
     # ssh -X root at my_server (I accepted certificate), and I logged into, next I exited.
7. I switched SCREEN to LDM.
8. Now I can log into as a regular user and root.

But it is temporary success because after rebooting thin client I lose certificate and still I couldn't log into.

How to save proper set-up?



On your server  browse to the /tmp folder.
Delete all files ( as root) within the /tmp folder.
After deleting these files try and log into a thin client as a regular
Also as a backup..try logging into a thin client as root and see if root
can do a log in to a thin client to your SL(older) image.


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