[K12OSN] No reaction following lts.conf changes

Radek Bursztynowski radek at bursztynowski.waw.pl
Wed Jul 10 19:21:15 UTC 2013


(Me again...).

Thanks again for all advices. I solved a lot of (my) problems, but not
all. Now LTSP 5.4.4-23 and epel-6-i366 client work but I try to solve
next problems:

1. I defined three SCREEN_01 to SCREEN_03 in my lts.conf. All work fine,
but I don't know why every time thin client boots SCREEN_03 the first
while I expect SCREEN_01 the first time. How to change the order of

2. xfreerdp still supports mono sound only. Perhaps next version of this
package will solve this problem :(.

3. I added older version of client (Scientific Linux 6.1). Thin client
boots but I can reach login window using Ctrl+Alt+F7 only while I copied
lts.conf from my epel-6-i386 thin client (see point 1). It seems that
thin client doesn't see lts.conf. I don't know why. Identical behaviour
is with Fedora 11 thin client image. I can forget about SL 6.1 image,
but I need Fedora 11 (i586 arch.).

Perhaps somebody could help me.

Best regards,

> Radek,
> rename your /opt/ltsp to /opt/ltspOLD
> rename /var/lib/tftpboot to /var/lib/tftpbootOLD
> Do a fresh ltsp-client-build
> You will have to copy /var/lib/tfpbootOLD/pxelinux.0  & pxelinux.cfg to
> your new  /var/lib/tftpboot/i386
> Also I have experinced the login hit and miss with updateding,,
> What that is,,if you installed icedtea-web for 'java-plugin' this is not
> leaving an 'netx/lock file in the /tmp dir this resolves the prob until
> a client is rebooted and the same user logs in two times???
> Barry
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