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Re: [K12OSN] searching voor ideal thinclient


I did some more searching on that, and end up buying Asrock 2550 -itx motherboards and separate casings.
The main reasons for that are it is cheaper to do it that way, and I want to be able able to put in as many or as little ram as I want.

While testing I also tried a Wise Tx0 device. It has Ubuntu on it.
I guess can do pxe boot, but that option is very well hidden!
Is anybody using this device?

greetings, J. 

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Van: "Barry Cisna" <brcisna eazylivin net>
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Verzonden: Donderdag 27 juni 2013 14:57:43
Onderwerp: Re: [K12OSN] searching voor ideal thinclient


There are many usable thin clients available that will work great with a
current (or old) ltsp installation,
A very cheap and good working unit that can be easily be found on Ebay
(and there are several) if you were wanting to setup,,say a 25 seat lab
is the HP 5730.
These come pre-installed with Windows Xp embedded .All you need to do is
change to PXE in the system bios to boot to your ltsp setup.

These units can be had for $50- 55 USD shipped here in the states.
I am not sure how shipping would be to Belgium? Could get pricey I am
sure...for 25 units for example.

Make sure you get the wall adapter with each unit. You would have to get
the Euro converter if you Ebayed these keep in mind.
Something to look at anyway.

Take Care,

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