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[K12OSN] client booting linux stalls

Hello All,

New install of the latest 5.4.5 ltsp-server  (32-bit)setup.
>From the last iteration,,about 4 months ago,the install page
documentation has changed along with the actual installation routine to
a degree.

After a little wrangling I am getting the vm_pxeclient to boot to were I
see a "Booting Linux" and see a lot of nic activity on the vm nic,,,for
about 60-90 seconds,then the nic activity stops. The client never ends
up booting to try and start x for example.
Very trivial but in the last k12linux install the tc bootup message
appeared as "Booting K12Linux". 
I wonder if I got my client chroot image a half a bubble off?..

I see nothing in the system logs.I have disabled iptables all together.
I have not tried an actual TC on this server yet,,ran out of time for
the day.
Just curious if anyone has done any builds of k12linux/ltsp-5.4.5 in the
last 3-4 months?

It appears maybe the maintainers for ltsp is actually taking over the
k12linux site and upkeep?

Take Care,

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