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Re: [K12OSN] FL_Teachertool on latest ltsp5

Barry - I had missed grabbing the i386 rpm for the zope interface, that might be where the issue occurred, nice catch. I have updated the repo's and pushed that rpm out. Also a note, the developer of epoptes recommends you install both client and server inside the chroot.

On 6/21/13 1:25 PM, Barry Cisna wrote:


I was able to run epoptes without startup errors on server by manually
installing the python-zope-interface-3.6.1 source package.

On the client chroot i can not get epoptes-client to run as a service at
boot.On the client i have to run epoptes-client manually then the client
is seen in the epoptes gui,,and looks like most functions do work.
I'll mess with the chroot epoptes-client more in a  day,,and get it
running as a service at boot hopefully.

Thank You,

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