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[K12OSN] Few observations with ltsp-server 5.9 | Where I can find old ltsp-server 5.1 repository


Owing to help Joshua (many thanks again) I installed new LTSP K12 on my
server, and I have few observation with it. I will try to do with this
something later, but today my fresh views are as follow.

Let me explain that my old thin clients are very old (the first one:
Pentium III 1000 MHz, 512 MB of memory, GeForce 7300; the second one:
notebook Compaq nc 8230, 2,4 GHz processor, 2 GB of memory, ATI graphic
card), ltsp-server 5.9 and LTSP client epel-6-i386. Both my old clients
cooperated with LTSP 5.1 very good.


1. Notebook Compacq nc8230 starts booting, but after starting loading
image from TFTP service (I can see information on my screen) I can see
black screen only.

2. Pentium III - boots, I can work with the client, but:
   - maximum resolution which I cant reach on my monitor (Samsung
SyncMaster T260HD) is 1680x1050, while with LTSP 5.1 I reached 1900x1200;
   - is very slow and watching movies is not acceptable.

I can add, that one my thin client with AMD K6 III 400 MHz, 256 MB of
memory, and GeFforce 5xxx graphic card with ltsp-server 5.1 worked fine,
including movies. I tested LTSP 5.1 with thnin client Pentium 200 MMX, 128
MB of memory, and GeForce 440 and I can say, that this thin client works
with LTSP 5.1 comparable to thin client Pentium III with LTSP 5.9 - not
acceptable. Thin client Pentium 200 MMX was fine with LTSP 4.2.

I will check later LTSP 5.9 with another thin client with Pentium 4 and 1
GB of memory.

But I have old thin clients, which I would like to use now too.

So my question is:

Does anywhere LTSP 5.1 repository exist, which I can use to use my old
think client (let's forget about Pentium 200 MMX, but Pentium III as a thin
client - why not?)?

Best regards,

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