[K12OSN] NFS fails to start

Kenneth Lundström kenneth.lundstrom at nudata.fi
Wed May 1 23:47:49 UTC 2013


the problem is not the /home folders, that works fine. The /etc/exports 
I have shown is on the new server, the clients can't mount the /opt/ltsp 
and can't boot at all, anymore.


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> I think you might be looking in the wrong place. An ltsp server exports NFS to the thin clients so they can boot their OS. If you want to export /home from your old server, you will need to set it up and make sure the new server is mounting it. To me it looks like you aren't even exporting /home. If you want to authenticate from the old server as well (so you won't have to add all your users to the new system again, you need to have it using NIS or LDAP or samba, and set the new server to authenticate users from there, assuming they aren't local (to the server) users (like root).
> On May 1, 2013, at 1:10 PM, Kenneth Lundström wrote:
>> Hello LTSP users,
>> a couple of months before Christmas I installed a couple of LTSP servers. One was commissioned before Christmas and is working great. The second I delivered to another place a couple of weeks ago, finally. This site already have one LTSP from before and I was planing on replacing it. Using it as an fileserver for homes folders.
>> I setup it up and clients find it and they work. Then I proceed to mount the home folder via NFS and get them mounted. I leave the place and next they I get an call that they can't login anymore. I try to find the error via SSH but can't. So I switch back to using the old server again.
>> Now I come so far that I know that NFS doesn't start for some strange reason. If I do a /etc/init.d/nfs restart I get an error saying:
>> exportfs: /opt/ltsp does not support NFS export
>> I tried googling it but couldn't find anything that would work for me.
>> Any ideas where to start searching. I think it has something to do with me setting up the homes folder mounting.
>> Kenneth
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