[K12OSN] Locked-down browser for online testing on Linux?

Todd O'Bryan toddobryan at gmail.com
Sun May 5 21:54:35 UTC 2013

Sorry for cross-posting, but I know some people are only on one list...

Does anyone know of a way to lock down a browser in Linux for online
testing? Ideally, I'm imagining a plug-in or something that, when it
accesses a testing site, would make the browser full screen, not allow
the user to open new tabs or windows, and would keep the user from
switching to other applications during the time that the test is going
on. Once the test is submitted, the browser would return to normal.
(There would probably also need to be a "Cancel" or "Abort" or "Quit
Now" button, that would submit an incomplete test and return control
to the user.)

I realize you'd have to do some extra stuff outside the browser to
prevent savvy users from disabling such a plug-in, but the last time I
checked, the only "Lockdown" browser available was a commercial
product for Windows.

Given the proliferation of online courses, online tests, and the move
by many states to do high-stakes testing online, I'm thinking there
must be someone working in this area. In fact, creating a bootable CD
or USB that had just the testing environment on it might be a good way
to ensure that students can't use anything else while they're testing.

Anybody know of any development in this direction?


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