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[K12OSN] Physically thin clients crashing when trying to boot

I upgraded our ltsp server to CentOS 6.4. I also upgraded the ltsp-server package. Did a ltsp-build-client, after checking the config files, removing the old /opt/ltsp/i386 directory, checking nfs, dhcp config, etc. A new virtual pxeclient is working, although X restarts the very first time you try and log in. The physical clients won't even boot properly. The error varies depending on the client.

dhcp is working. They can boot to the network using PXE and retrieve the img to boot linux.

The majority of clients crash after the "Booting Linux" message. A long list of messages; hex then a question mark then a message. Another machine that is different hardware, gives this message after "Booting Linux"

[drm] nouveau 0000:01:00.0 0x824C: Init table command not found: 0x06

I installed ltsp-server from the repo and I get these versions:


Which is odd because according to the web page the stable build is 5.4.5-20.el6 from the k12linux.repo (the s3amazon address I think).

Any ideas what is happening? Any help is much appreciated.



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