[K12OSN] LDM crashing on trying to log in.

k12ltsp k12ltsp at infocentrality.co.uk
Mon Oct 14 15:42:37 UTC 2013

Hi Gary,

We have the same problem I'm afraid.
Using ltsp-server-5.4.5-24.elg.x86_64 but with 32 bit clients. Atom
processors in the clients with at least 1GByte RAM.
Usually work reliably once logged in.

Also cannot shutdown or reboot the client. Tried some suggestions from
the list, but they didn't help.

Things seem to have got worse recently, and I don't have the skills to
try and fix it, we do IT support for small businesses and web/database apps.

Now trying Debian Wheezy with LTSP - just works, so looks like I shall
jump ship.


On 14/10/13 16:03, Gary Nutbeam wrote:
> I'm having stability problems with LDM. I'm using decent thin clients
> now (1700 model from disklessworkstations.com, hyperthreading atom, 2GB
> RAM etc.).
> I'm using ltsp-server 5.4.5-24 on CentOS 6.4 64bit from the ltsp repo at
> ltsprepo.s3.amazonaws.com.
> When first attempting to log in, after entering the username, LDM seems
> to crash, and restart. The second attempt to login works fine. If it
> doesn't crash on the first attempt, the X session crashes very shortly
> afterwards, usually when trying to launch an application. After the
> initial weirdness, everything seems to settle down and work.
> This behavior happens on both the physical thin clients AND a virtual
> client.
> Has anyone seen this problem and know what might be causing it?
> Thanks.
> Gary.
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