[K12OSN] TC wifi initializtion - concept

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Apr 5 11:01:41 UTC 2014

Hello All,

I asked this quite some time ago and didn't get any response so just
throwing this idea out again. 
(Maybe there is a project doing what I would like to achieve with wifi
on tc's and I do not know of it,also?)

Situation,and hopefully a remedy:

1) At this point it seems that a big downfall of using tc's is no
bootable wifi initialization & association possibility with any
surrounding AP's in the boot process.

1a) Has anyone ever thought of incorporating an "option" by adding the
code in the system bios to add a parameter for wifi association to "an"
access point along with password if needed .

This would be very much the same scenario as when we used to add an
etherboot chip to the nics on tc's back in the day (before pxe became
prevelant), only using the "native" bios chip rather than an add on

In other words to get away from having to actually have an add
on,bootable media,onto any given TC system,,such as having to hang an
usb stick or slap a cd in to achieve wifi initialization  and
association to a given AP.

It just seems very odd with the length of time,that wifi has been a
'must have' on any network device that a TC vendor has not even come up
with an spec for just this?


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