[K12OSN] Recomendation for LTSP thin clients

Brian Fristensky bfristen at shaw.ca
Tue Aug 5 23:08:27 UTC 2014

I need to replace my Diskless Workstations T1420 thin client because the Eden 
processor is no longer supported ie. will not boot with RHEL 6.5.

1. I am considering going with a Diskless Workstations 1600 or 1700, which uses 
an N270 Atom processor, which I would assume is still supported, if they're 
advertising it. I am a little hesitant to go with this processor, since it was 
released in 2008. It seems likely that support for such an old processor will be 
dropped in the near future.

Are there other thin client options to consider? This is a single seat thin 
client at home, so price is not really an object. What I am more interested in 
is ease of management and performance.

2. Should I assume that any thin client hardware that supports PXE boot will 
work with LTSP (obsolescence aside?)

3. My server is a 64-bit machine running RHEL6.5 (Essentially Centos6.5). Would 
I be correct in assuming that it would be better to have a 64-bit thin client? 
As far as I can tell from the Diskless Workstations web sites, their Atom 
processors are 32-bit. I would expect that if I did want to run some 
applications as local applications, having a 64-bit TC would be simpler. As 
well, 32-bit processors are, let's face it, so 1990's. I would expect a 64-bit 
processor to be less subject to the fate of obsolescence that my current TC 
succumbed to.

Suggestions for thin clients that are known to work with LTSP, and use recent 
processors, would be greatly appreciated.


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