[K12OSN] Recomendation for LTSP thin clients

Marc Stephan Nkouly mcsteann at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 13:35:16 UTC 2014

Please i wish to know if the nettop can work as a stand alone computer ???
On Aug 6, 2014 10:19 AM, "Radek Bursztynowski" <radek at bursztynowski.waw.pl>

> Brian,
> Let me share my experience. Perhaps I don't fit exactly your question, but
> there is my experience:
> Regarding 1.
> It depends on what you use thin client. If you execute any application on
> yout thin client locally (like a fat client) thin client performance is
> essential. If not, older machines used as a thin client are fine. I use
> d510 NetTop (with 1 GB of memory)
> http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/nettop-d510.html, and I can say that it
> is optimal machine for K12Linux. I bought theses NetTops with no internal
> HDD. From my poing of view D510 NetTop with K12Linux on CentOS 6.5 x86_64
> servrer is optimal solution. NetTop 510 price was $178 including VAT. I
> prefere NetTops because owing to the NetTop with no HDD I can avoid any
> operating system license payment. Buying thin client machine you pay for OS
> placed in flash memory.
> Regarding terminal memory my tests showed that d510 machine with activated
> 5 consoles and 5 users logged in and opened Fireox, Libre/Microsoft Office
> (Ctrl+Alt+F1 ... Ctrl+Alt+F5 - 2xLDM, 1xXDMCP 1xxfreerdp and 1xrdesktop)
> used no more than 500 MB of memory. So, for standard office user terminal
> equipped with 1 GB of memory is OK.
> Regarding 2.
> My experience says that no. K12Linux thin client images don't support all
> video cards with full resolution (CentOS and Fedora). You can try to add to
> the thin client image proper driver/module and to solve this problem (I
> made it for SIS chipset, but I failed with GeForce). Very important is NIC
> too. You shoul check is CentOS/Fedora/LTSP support terminal NIC.
> Regarding 3.
> I use x86_64 servers (CentOS 6.5) and all my LTSP thin clients runs using
> x86 images and I don't see real reasons to change it (I don't use as a LTSP
> terminals Intel i3/i5/i7/Xeon machines). LTSP server servs thin image to
> the terminal and thin client binaries runs on the terminal. So, if thin
> client image offers the protocols we are at home. Let me add that I tested
> debian 7 LTSP thin client image with K12Linux server and I can say that
> terminal works. I admit that I dont't tested all functionality (for example
> multimedia) with debian 7 thin client image, but in general - it works.
> Best regards,
> Radek
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> Subject: [K12OSN] Recomendation for LTSP thin clients
> I need to replace my Diskless Workstations T1420 thin client because the
> Eden
> processor is no longer supported ie. will not boot with RHEL 6.5.
> 1. I am considering going with a Diskless Workstations 1600 or 1700, which
> uses
> an N270 Atom processor, which I would assume is still supported, if they're
> advertising it. I am a little hesitant to go with this processor, since it
> was
> released in 2008. It seems likely that support for such an old processor
> will be
> dropped in the near future.
> Are there other thin client options to consider? This is a single seat thin
> client at home, so price is not really an object. What I am more
> interested in
> is ease of management and performance.
> 2. Should I assume that any thin client hardware that supports PXE boot
> will
> work with LTSP (obsolescence aside?)
> 3. My server is a 64-bit machine running RHEL6.5 (Essentially Centos6.5).
> Would
> I be correct in assuming that it would be better to have a 64-bit thin
> client?
> As far as I can tell from the Diskless Workstations web sites, their Atom
> processors are 32-bit. I would expect that if I did want to run some
> applications as local applications, having a 64-bit TC would be simpler. As
> well, 32-bit processors are, let's face it, so 1990's. I would expect a
> 64-bit
> processor to be less subject to the fate of obsolescence that my current TC
> succumbed to.
> Suggestions for thin clients that are known to work with LTSP, and use
> recent
> processors, would be greatly appreciated.
> Brian
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