[K12OSN] Centos 6.x Firefox24 update

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Thu Feb 20 20:50:25 UTC 2014

Hello All,

Replying to my own thread,sorry.
I spoke too soon.

Here's an odd one. If I NX into the server as any user Youtubes,
flash-plugin runs fine. If i log in as same user on a tc to the server I
get "flashplayer has crashed". if I look in the syslog,it does contain a
line about "plugin-container crashed".

I do not have any other extensions installed on Firefox,just for

Anyone experienced this?

Never had a bit of trouble with Firefox,,in many years of ltsp use. I am
very hesitant about upgrading unless something is added to the mix,,and
I have no choice but to do an yum update. Naturally I got bit this time.

Could it be such a mismatch somehow between the client kernel and the
server kernel? 
Chrome does work fine on this updated setup as well,, just to mention.


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