[K12OSN] Thin Client Hardware for k12ltsp

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Wed Feb 26 15:46:02 UTC 2014

We've recently found a number of off-lease and refurb i686 hp clients
(as opposed to the earlier Cyrix, etc. which require an i386 boot
image). These are primarily the t5730/35 and t5740/45 with Sempron and
Atom processors respectively. The 5740 doesn't play well with EL 6.4 and
earlier so you may need to create a boot image like we did from Debian. 

A number of these units have embedded WinXP so as XP sunsets this year,
you may see more of them appearing. 

If you buy lots on ebay, you can get them from anywhere from $25-60 per
unit shipped. Just make sure they include power supplies. The 574x run
more because of the Atom cpu but both models tend to come with 1-2gb RAM
often with stands and even keyboards and mice. The 573x are also a touch

Refurb desktops aren't much more and readily available, too, but use
more space and power.

- sent from my t5740 running K12Linux

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> On 02/24/2014 07:33 AM, Joe Fagliarone wrote:
> > Hello all.  This is my first post here.  I have enjoyed reading (and
> > learning) all the other posts.  Great information.
> >
> > I have a centos 6.3 and k12 ltsp environment.
> >
> > I currently have thin clients that are old (almost 10 years) and are in
> > need of replacement.  Parts are breaking due to age and are harder to
> > come by. I have been getting parts on amazon and other sites.
> >
> > However I wanted to hear what kind of hardware are you using for your
> > thin clients.
> >
> > WYSE
> > HP
> > Self-configured thin clients.
> Self configured for me.  I could never find any off the shelf clients 
> that had everything I wanted at a reasonable price.
> By far my favorite all-around client has been the D945GSEJT with Morex 
> T1610 case:
> http://www.silentpcreview.com/Intel_D945GSEJT_with_Morex_T1610
> Thin, fanless, easy to assemble, reliable, well supported.  The only 
> thing wrong with them is the GPU which really can't do anything accelerated.
> For boxes where I needed proper 3D support I went with a Zotac IONITX board.
> Sadly the D945GSEJT is now EOS and the Intel replacements I last looked 
> into (granted a while ago) all had issues with Linux GPU drivers.
> Something like this may still be a viable option though:
> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856173032
> However, it lacks the fanless aspect and is significantly more power hungry.
> Jeff
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