[K12OSN] networking question

R. Scott Belford scott at hosef.org
Mon Feb 17 17:55:50 UTC 2014

On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 10:30 AM, William Fragakis <william at fragakis.com>wrote:

> Our k12linux installation is out-growing our present, very primitive,
> networking structure.
> Currently, our ltsp server - which also behaves as the firewall for a
> number of kvm servers and their vms - connects to 16 or so thin clients.
> Between the clients, internal servers and printers, the switch to which
> the ltsp server is connected to is at capacity (It's a basic 24 port
> gigabit).
> We now need to add the n+1 client that exceeds switch capacity. Do we
> buy
> a) a larger switch to replace the current one
> b) a second switch daisy chained to the current one
> c) a second switch connected to a second NIC using the same internal
> ip/dhcp range (and if so, the recommended manner)
> d) a more obvious, elegant, simple, cheaper method that I haven't
> considered because I don't know squat (American slang for "not much")
> about this stuff.

If the printers or VM's do not need dedicated gigabit connectivity to the
network, and it is geographically possible, then you could subgroup these
devices with a smaller, less expensive switch thus freeing ports on your
24-port switch. If all devices need dedicated gigabit connectivity, then
you can add a second NIC to the server and either a. expand nfs/dhcp/tftp
ranges (complicated) or b. bond the NICs (less complicated) and add a
second gigabit switch for future expansion.

For network hygiene, I'd ponder re-purposing a box, installing pfsense, and
letting it become your firewall/gateway/dansguardian/squidguard box.

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