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Re: [K12OSN] id-card reader on K12Linux

On 01/24/2014 10:01 AM, johan vermeulen7 telenet be wrote:
dear All,

I'm trying to connect an id-card reader to a thinclient.

To make this work, I have Firefox and the id-card reader program running
as local apps.

But the usb-cardreader is not seen by the thinclient. I tried two types
of thinclient, one with and one without a hard drive.

What do you mean "is not seen"? When you connect to the local console of the client and tail /var/log/messages you should see something about a USB device being disconnected/reconnected? If you do then it is being "seen". After that you need to make sure the chroot kernel and all supporting packages required by the reader are present _on the chroot_.

In lts.conf I have added localapps=True, the user is added to fuse
group, so he can use usb's.

I assume you added the user to the fuse group on the server? If so then this won't affect the client directly but it's not likely an issue either way.

Keep in mind that with respect to the USB id reader nothing configured on the server matters, only the chroot.


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