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Re: [K12OSN] some questions? maybe st00pid, but need asked

> Sounds like the chroot is not being entered by the TCs. They are instead
> being routed to the full OS of the server. That's a config issue in the
> LTSP setup in the OS being sent to the TCs. Double check your pxe boot
> process and make sure it really is what's being loaded.

Bottom of the TC states Fedora 10 - I will look at the config *again*.  I went through
DMESG on the TC and F10 is in all the OS names.

> That /dev/ttyS0 is on the server not the TC. Basically, the touchscreen
> serial port is not being sent back to the server like a mouse device. I
> don't know if serial device data is supported. The serial mouse was dropped
> from the kernel long before Fedora 9 days. I about cried as my wonderful
> Kensington trackball was being discarded.

I was curious so I hooked up a touch screen on the server - low and behold cat
/dev/ttyS0 responds on the TC when I drag across the touchscreen on the server.  Only
the touch portion ( serial port ) was hooked up to the server NOT the monitor portion.

Other folks seem to have no trouble with their touchscreens - most of what they say is
'they just work' - go figure.  Is there a way to re-assign the TC serial port to another
tty?  I only have something like 5 TC's and /proc shows something like 50 tty's.

Todd Hackett             Chief Bottle Washer
PoBox 1168
Libby, MT 59923

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