[K12OSN] Slow boot clients ,again

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Thu May 1 00:11:10 UTC 2014

Hello All,

Adding another message in regards to my recent K12linux/LTSP builds.
Built two new LTSP servers,strictly for a test bench setup from a
couple of decent desktop machines.

1. Some of my findings is that the boot time for any client is very
slow. From 150-180 seconds from the time the client gets the dhcp
request to a login screen.  That doesn't sound like a long amount of
time,unless you are sitting watching it! It is almost 120 seconds for
loading the initrd image. I tried this on both servers with even a
direct server to client ethernet wire / nics,,,,no switch even in the
picture and also with a switch GIG-E just to verify. Didn't make any
difference with a  switch or direct ethernet connected,for completeness.

2. I never even see the plymouth booting screen or the progress bar
along the bottom,,not that that is a big thing,but somewhat tells me
possibly the initrd image is not building right at client build.

3. 4 of the test netbooks, various makes,models we have that boots fine
with the older SL6.1 build of k12Linux when booting with the new servers
starts to go through the boot process to a certain point then the
monitor just goes black. I can't see anything in the server message logs
of anything wonky of course.

4. I haven't ever tried going to the nbd boot setup,just adding this for
completeness. I have been trying to make some headways on this for the
last couple days,when I have some time available,but haven't tried to
see if even usb sticks are working.

Just curious if anyone on list ha done a recent server/client build of

Thank You,

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