[K12OSN] Found a $200 thin client

Jeff Siddall news at siddall.name
Thu May 29 01:14:50 UTC 2014

On 05/24/2014 09:10 AM, Jim Kinney wrote:
> http://www.provantage.com/shuttle-ds437~7SHCO0JP.htm

Interesting.  Your Shuttle box got me looking which turned up some even 
cheaper options (potentially anyway, depending on your case/PS requirements:


That one is mini-ITX and has 2 video outputs (HDMI/VGA).


This one has triple video but is uATX.

While both of those are a bit slower than the 1037u they also take less 

Nice to see a good variety of Intel fanless motherboards with linux 
support available for cheap ($60) again.


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