[K12OSN] Centos7 : set mate as default session manager

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Fri Apr 24 13:51:02 UTC 2015


thanks very much for the help, that indeed works.

greetings, Johan

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I don't use CentOS 7, but I tested it on Fedora 20 – it works.
Create or edit if exists /home/user/.dmrc file. Store inside the
following line:


Comment eventual other „Session=” entry.
Be sure that .dmrc file has 644 mode.

The second one solution is proper entry in lts.conf file:

LDM_SESSION = mate xfce gnome kde

If "mate" keeps the first position "mate" will be default.

Best regards,

Dnia 2015-04-21, wto o godzinie 15:15 +0200, johan.vermeulen7 at telenet.be
> Hello All,
> I have K12Linux running  in Centos7/Mate.
> But I have to manualy switch the session manager to Mate on the login
> screen.
> How can I set Mate as system default?
> Greetings, Johan
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