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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP slowness problem

Sounds like the server is just too weak for the load. RAM matters. Multiple hard drives can make a big difference.
1g network for only 7 clients is plenty unless its all youtube videos.

On Apr 14, 2015 7:01 AM, "Kenneth Lundström" <kenneth lundstrom nudata fi> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I have a strange problem that I have been trying to solve for months.

A client have a setup of 6-7 LTSP terminals and one server. Because of room structure we need to have 3 switches, all are 1 GB. Server has one 1GB network card. As I couldn't get LTSP working on CentOS 7 I switched to Ubuntu.

Problem is the slowness of the clients. If 1-2 are working everything is fine, but when we have like 5 working the same time we get slowness, like when writing an email in Thunderbird it just stops showing the writing on the screen.

I swtich away from KDE to LightDM (I think was the name), still same.

One thing we think might be the problem is the filemanager. When somebody open filemanager and looks at the folder with like 100 files everything stop. All files are on the same server as LTSP is running.

Any ideas where to look for the problem and solving it.


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