[K12OSN] How to enable USB devices in K12LTSP

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Thu Jan 22 17:16:32 UTC 2015

Hello all,
Barry and I have been communicating extensively off list regarding
install issues with EL7, especially the client build. 

We've pretty much given up. It seems that whatever is left in the
repository is broken with current versions of Fedora and EL 6 or 7. I
know there have been changes in ldm on the server side and have no idea
if that's contributing to the situation. 

Neither of us have the technical chops to begin to figure out what's
broken and how to fix it. Both of us have done K12ltsp/k12linux installs
for years so, while there may be user error, let's just say whatever is
the issue is beyond the reach of more experienced users.

For my use, EL7 has issues also since it's a 64 bit only distro. Clients
or programs which require i686 functionality can be problematic.
Princeton has done an i686 remix (Springdale) if that helps anyone. 

The old repo is still available here:
the hawaii mirror is dead

I think this is a problem that has been creeping up on us since ltsp 5.2
began to break things such as hotplug usb.

Alain has found it easier going with Eduntu. I've found Debian quite
easy to get up and going myself. I think the hard part for a lot of us
is that we know our way around Fedora/EL and are loath to figure things
out on a different flavor. 

K12LTSP/K12Linux has been fantastic for us. Moving forward, I think we
have to realize, unless something changes, we all have to move towards a
different solution. LTSP is still as relevant and useful as ever. My
thanks to all who have selflessly contributed time and effort to this.

Regards and best wishes to all,
William Fragakis

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> On 1/15/15, Barry R Cisna <brcisna at eazylivin.net> wrote:
> > Any advancements on getting usb sticks to work on your k12ltsp install?
> Well, I'm afraid no. I didn't find a solution inside K12LTSP.
> > One thing in your message as far as user al, I never see the lower line
> > of this when i do an " id username"
> >
> > uid=500(al) gid=500(al) grupos=500(al),101(fuse)
> >  * i do not see this* context=user_u:system_r:unconfined_t
> Probably this is a silly question but, have you enabled SELinux when
> you executed the id command?
> > Did you do this build on CentOS 5?
> Yes, and then updated to CentOS 5.11.
> > If so it could be the id command reveals more detail than CentOS 6. Just
> > a guess?
> I've haven't seen the output of id command on CentOS 6 recently, so I
> need to take a look again in order tell you about it. I could have the
> information tomorrow, if you are interested.
> > It sounds like you are very close if you see the "Drives appear for user
> > all?
> > This build is about 6 years old now,and it does seem like there may have
> > been a tweak that needed to be done to get usb sticks to work,but I sure
> > don't remember what it is.
> > It sure sounds like you are trying as best you can to get to the bottom
> > of it.
> Yes. I've tried for almost two weeks and didn't find a solution,
> sadly. I couldn't install a higher version of CentOS because the thin
> clients report unsupported processor at boot time so, I opted to
> install Edubuntu 14.04 LTS which, I must say, has been impressively
> good detecting the old hardware I am administering. Now, the thin
> clients boot fast, memory sticks worked as expected, users can listen
> music while they surf the web, and the system has updates until 2019.
> Best Regards,
> al
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