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I agree with Johan.
I have more than 3 years experience with K12Linux and I am very
satisfied with K12Linux. I use CentOS 6.x and tests CentOS 7.
Regarding video I see limitations LTSP, but in my opinion it isn't
essential prinfold. Let me express my observations:

On LTSP web site I
found information that video could take up to 70 Mb/s. My test showed
that video takes up to 130 Mb/s.  LTSP terminal doesn't cache video
because LTSP terminal presents the video proces running on the
server. So, we can say that about 10 users watchnig video on LTSP
terminals fullill gigabit Ethernet. It is real limitation, but this
limitation concerns not only LTSP, but all similar solutions, where
users use thin cliet architecture. What can be done to solve it? I
see two areas of activity:

1) The extension of
the band trasmission between the server and LTSP terminals. But in
this case we should remember, that all users (not only LTSP users)
are limited by the gateway. This solution is not very difficult and
is not expensive (I don't think about 10 Gb/s Ethernet now). It is

Let me add, that we
can add to LTSP thin client image codecs and video player and use
video player locally on LTSP terminal. In this case mentioned above
limitation are fetched to the same situation like with standard PC.

2) To understand
that LTSP solution is not addressed to all using. I estimate that
LTSP solution could be sufficient fot 70% users, in particular for
office users. If the user should to perform some special tasks equip
him with PC or workstation. If the user is standard office user LTSP
solution will be enough.

Let say that most of
us move from one flat to another one including our furniture few
times in our live. It isn't the reason to buy the truck instead of
automobile – most of us buys automobile, not trucks. In my country,
particular in public sector, people practice in IT area strange
philosophy. All of them need the trucks! I try to explain them – if
you are buying the computers using own money – it is your choice,
your responsibility, your expens. But if you are money disposer only
you must to match the tool to the tasks. But they still buy the

I see, that quote
appended by Johan aussmes that all people, all workers watch videos
all working day!

Am i right?

Best regards,


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I have good results on our first site where we run K12Linux on Centos7 and I am about to ugrade a second, larger
site as well.

I just had a look at the K12Linux website again and just wanted to say I don't agree with this:

Modern users probably do not want to use this type of thin client because video (like Youtube) requires too much bandwidth over remote X desktops, and scalability of X over ssh encrypted tunnels is rather poor. K12Linux is considered a legacy solution for existing deployments of LTSP-type networks and is currently supported only on the legacy EPEL6 platform. Porting to more modern systemd-based Fedora and EPEL7 is technically possible but is not considered a priority given the drawbacks of the legacy LTSP solution.

I think a lot of organsisations have employees who 's first priority is not watching youtube, all though my users have no problems with that on K12Linux.
What hurts me is that because people can not get this to work on Centos7/Rhel7, they are moving to Ubuntu.

I have K12Linux/Centos6 running for about 3 years, and it's incredibly robust. And I think it's the same on Centos7.

greetings, Johan
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