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Re: [K12OSN] Kickstarter or Indiegogo for K12Linux?

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It is
really fantastic news to me. Could you send some link or more details
regarding LTSP's crowdfunding campaign?



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Good news ... one of the upstream LTSP developers is interested in launching a crowdfunding campaign for development toward LTSP6, which would modernize the entire platform.  The development necessary to modernize for LTSP would include things like pure systemd support, and things we never fully supported in the past in K12LInux in the past like fat client mode.  He agreed that Fedora and CentOS would be supported target platforms.  He said he will be able to work on this in September.
Could you folks find people using LTSP on any distribution and ask if they will be willing to support a crowdfunding campaign coming in the August or September timeframe.
Warren Togami

On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 11:04 AM, Warren Togami Jr. <wtogami gmail com> wrote:
Hi folks,
You think we have enough supporters out there to crowd fund hiring a developer to port LTSP to CentOS 7?
While I would offer to advise and supervise whoever is sponsored to work on this, my personal time is extremely limited.  It would be ideal if we could have a veteran Fedora or Red Hat developer familiar with systemd and the other core OS components to agree to advise this project.
Perhaps the guy who did the CentOS 6 LTSP port could be hired to do this work?  I apologize I don't recall who it was anymore. 
Anyone interested in talking to the developers to find a suitable developer to be paid and advisor,  assess feasibility of crowdfunding and to operate the campaign?  I would personally donate if a good plan is formed.
Warren Togami

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