[K12OSN] Latest Version And Which Os's Can I Run It On

Joseph Bishay joseph.bishay at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 15:22:36 UTC 2016

Hello Michael,

I'm not technically strong, but I think I can help with your question.
For me, once K12LTSP was no longer easily usable, I switched to
Edubuntu.  I found it just as easy to run as K12LTSP was - download
the ISO, install, and everything just worked.  We have about 50
computers on our server and it's been up and running for years without
an issue.


Give it a try - the documentation is all there as well.

Have a nice day.

On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 8:47 AM, Michael G. Tracey <drknght at excite.com> wrote:
> I had a LTSP server setup quite a few years ago... With Ubuntu And Redhat Clones  And now want to setup a new one.
> I Would Like To Set Up A Classroom With LTSP...
> I have Xeon Servers and Workstations... and about 40 Dell d600 and Higher Laptops...
> I have Ubuntu, Fedora, And Windows 10.
> I am best with Fedora But would use anyone.
> Where would I find the latest RPM's to download along with the current manuals...
> On the LTSP.ORG page and the UBUNTU SUPPORT site I cannot make heads or tails of it...
> The Ubuntu site every link I clicked took me back to the same page.
> I seem to be going in circles... Just to let you know I am really computer literate ... but this has always gotten me.
> I Still receive Newsletters so I assume there is still support.
> Thanks for your help.
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